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15.5-micron merino wool is considered to be of a relatively high grade. The micron count of wool refers to the fineness of the fibers, and a lower micron count indicates finer and more delicate fibers. Generally, wool with a lower micron count is softer, more refined, and often of higher quality and value. 15.5-micron merino wool is regarded as a high-quality fiber and is commonly used in the production of premium wool products. It offers excellent comfort, insulation, and durability. Therefore, 15.5-micron merino wool can be considered a higher-grade choice in terms of wool products such as merino wool T-shirts, high end merino wool base layers, merino wool socks.  We interviewed Royal who make 15.5 merino wool base layers for many years has list the info as follows:

Outdoor T-shirt

15.5-micron merino wool has the following characteristics:

  1. Very fine: The 15.5-micron measurement indicates that the merino wool fibers are very delicate, resulting in a soft and comfortable feel.

  2. Lightweight and warm: Merino wool offers exceptional warmth despite its fine and lightweight fibers, effectively keeping the body insulated.

  3. Antimicrobial and odor-resistant: Merino wool naturally possesses antimicrobial and odor-resistant properties, reducing the growth of bacteria and maintaining freshness in the garment for extended periods.

  4. Moisture-wicking and breathable: Merino wool fibers have excellent moisture-wicking and breathable properties, allowing for quick moisture absorption and efficient evaporation to keep the body dry and comfortable.

15.5-micron merino wool is suitable for making close-fitting garments such as wool underwear, base layers, and wool socks, as its soft and fine characteristics make it ideal for direct contact with the skin. Moreover, due to its excellent warmth retention, these garments are suitable for wearing in cold climates.

The selling point of merino wool lies in its high-quality fiber attributes. Its fine and soft texture, superior warmth, antimicrobial properties, moisture-wicking ability, and breathability make it a preferred choice for premium wool products. Its exceptional quality and functional performance make merino wool garments popular in the market, especially among consumers who prioritize comfort and insulation.

If you are interested in to make OEM or ODM 15.5 micron base layer or T-shirts, please contact Royal by e-mail: s1@royaltd.com

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