Comparison of RWS and ZQ Certifications


Some customer always ask us what is the comparisn of RWS and ZQ certifictates. As a vertical merino wool base layer manufacture who invlove from wool fiber, top dye, spinning, yarn dyed, knitting, piece dyed and garment cut & sew, Royal has the know how for the all the aspect of merino wool industry. We will share our idea as follows and hoping would hep you.

RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) and ZQ certification are two certification standards related to wool quality and sustainability. Here are some similarities and differences between them:

  1. Certification goals: RWS certification primarily focuses on animal welfare and traceability of wool, ensuring that wool comes from responsible farms and undergoes regular third-party audits. ZQ certification, however, not only considers animal welfare but also emphasizes requirements related to environmental protection and social responsibility.

  2. Scope of coverage: RWS certification applies to all types of wool, including Merino wool. ZQ certification, on the other hand, mainly applies to Merino wool produced in New Zealand and Australia.

  3. Standard requirements: RWS certification requires farm owners to have clear plans for animal welfare, ensuring the adoption of appropriate measures to protect the health and well-being of sheep. ZQ certification, in addition to animal welfare, also demands sustainable practices in land management and community support.

  4. Certification management: RWS certification is managed by Textile Exchange, while ZQ certification is managed by The New Zealand Merino Company.

Although RWS and ZQ certifications have some differences, both aim to ensure the sustainability and animal welfare in the wool industry. Consumers can choose products that meet these requirements to support sustainable and responsible wool production. Royal has both certifications and would love to work together to improve the animal welfare.

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