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Top hunting clothes manufacture and supplier in China and vietnam

When royal start to make hunting clothes with camouflage printing in China around 2003. There is seldom people know about hunting industry. With around 20 years experience in hunting garment industry. Royal have involved in all kind of hunting apparel producing, include hunting seam taped rainwears, jackets, down jackets, bibs, waders, gloves, neck gaiters, buff, socks, caps and so on.

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  • hunting factory
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  • hunting fabric quality checking
  • hunting apparel seam taping
  • Auto pattern sewing machine
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One stop solution vertical manufacturer of hunting apparel

Why choose Royal to be your hunting clothes manufacture and supplier in China and vietnam

  • Royal involved in hunting apparel industry around 20 years
  • Royal in charge of fabric making, camouflage printing, lamination and garment cut and sew
  • Royal check all the technics of the fabric before cutting, including waterproof ,breathability
  • Royal could make printing on polyester, cotton,fleece and merino wool fabrics
  • Royal have two cut and sew garment factories in China and one work shop in Vietnam
  • Royal could make both woven and knit hunting apparel
  • Royal have good co-operation with pattern owner such as realtree, mossyoak, kryptek and so on

What properties is important for hunting clothing

1. Normally, hunting clothing need camouflage printing,especially in USA market and some EU market.

2.  Hunting jacket and pant need water resistant, waterproof and breathable protection.

3. Hunting rainwear need 100% waterproof, so all the seam need be tape sealed.

3. Hunting base layers need odor free and anti-microbial function

5. Hunting base layers need wicking function

Royal are making all kinds of hunting clothing

Royal are producing  hunting apparel, such as hunting jacket, outerwear, fleece jacket,wader,T-shirt, shirts, merino base layer,  buff, balaclava, gloves, caps ,socks and so on. The material of fabrics could be polyester, cotton, nylon, merino.

hunting jacket for men

It is 100% waterproof and breathable hunting jacket. The fabric also have the water repellent treatment

hunting goose down jack

Made of water resistant double layer woven pre-baffle fabric with realtree hunting camouflage printing, the insulation is goose down

hunting vest for woman

It is thermo hunting vest for women, the insulation is 80%merino wool with 20% poly.

hunting merino wool base layer
Merino wool hunting base layer

It is 100% merino wool base layer with hunting camouflage printing

hunting T-shirt for women
Poly bamboo hunting T-shirt for woman

It is two layer fabric T-shirt which outer is 100% poly, inner is bamboo rayon with camo printing

hunting seamless neck gaiter
Hunting seamless neck gaiter

This hunting neck gaier with mossyoak camouflage printing  is seam free and really confortable, it is good for hunting, cycling, running and so on

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Royal can make both men's, women's, kid's hunting apparel

Royal is good at making all men’s hunting clothing, women’s hunting apparel, kid’s hunting clothes, as well as all kinds of hunting gears

  • Camouflage hunting Printed merino wool base layer
    Merino wool printed hunting base layer

    A hunting camoufalge printing merino wool base layer. The hunting printing pattern  such as Mossyoak, Realtree , Kryptek all have good relationship with us.

  • merino wool printed camo hunting base layer
    Men's hunting base layer with half zipper

    A camouflage printing merino wool base layer with half zipper for man.

  • hunting base layer pant
    Men's hunting pants

    Men’s hunting camouflage printing pant made of merino wool.

  • hunting softshell jacket
    Men's hunting softshell jacket

    Men’s hunting camouflage printing hunting jacket which made of windproof and water resistant softshell fabric

  • women's hunting vest
    women's hunting vest

    Women’s hunting camouflage printing vest made of  merino wool insulation.

  • kid's hunting T-shirt
    kid's hunting T-shirt

    100% cotton camo printed youth hunting clothes. Let your kids looks just like a small hunter.

Royal could make all the hunting clothes and gears for different conditions

Royal are expert on making different hunting apparel and gears for different use, such as deer , waterfowl , whitetail , turkey , duck ,  bear hunting and so on.


  • blaze orange hunting jacket
    Blaze orange hunting jacket

    Blaze orange hunting clothes which fabric is breathable,waterproof and water resistant. All the seam are seam taped sealed.

  • hunting balaclava
    Hunting balaclava

    The hunting balaclava could used merino wool printing or polyester printing fabric.

  • merino wool camo printed sock
    Hunting socks

    This hunting socks is seam free circular camouflage printing.

  • Merino wool hunting liner glove
    Hunting gloves

    Royal could make liner or winter camouflage hunting gloves

  • wader with boots
    Hunting wader

    Royal also can make Camouflage printing hunting waders with boots and with socks.

Camo that we use


Realtree camouflage


Mossyoak camouflage


Kryptek camouflage


Prym1 camouflage

Merino wool hunting camo printing

Very few hunting apparel supplier could make printing on merino wool. After more than 10 years , through work closely  with printing machine expert,  Royal could  which could print both on merino wool clothing and merino wool socks.

Merino wool printing
paper printing

Heat transfer paper printing

Heat transfer paper is the most popular printing way. Most of the fabrics of hunting clothing are used this technology, such as tricot brushed fabric, polyester jersey, polyester oxford, birdeye, mesh and so on.

Digital printing for trial order

Royal also could offer digital prinitng for samll strike off or salesman samples PO, even small order. It is very flexible for customer to use if you have your own pattern.

digital printing
circular printing

Circular seamless printing

Royal also could make circular seamless prinitng on socks and neck gaiter. Especially meino wool socks, we could make hunting camouflage printing on the socks.

Some special machines in Royal's hunting garments factories

abric inspecting machine
clothing hanging pipeline

All the  fabric would be inspected before cutting. Now we use clothing hanging pipeline sewing lines.

seam taping machine and stitches free welding machine

seam taping machine
Our seam taping machine

Our seam taping machine is good for 100% waterproof seam taped rainwear or waterproof breathable hunting outerwear.

stitch free welding machine
stitch free welding machine

Our stitch free welding machine could make 100% non-sewing stitch super light jacket or waterproof breathable hunting jacket.

Royal could make all kinds of hunting apparel for different hunting purpose

duck hunting
Duck Hunting

For Waterfowl season, Royal could offer 100% waterproof and breathable laminated 3 layer waders and neoprene waders

deer hunting with bow
Deer hunting with bow

Royal is good at making bow hunting clothing. Archery hunting apparel is bit different with the gun hunting clothes, as well as  bow hunting gloves

snow hunting
Snow Hunting

Hunting in the snow with archery need different camouflage pattern. Royal aslo could make hunting apparel with snow hunting pattern.

scent control hunting
Scent control hunting

Scent control is very important for deer hunting and bear hunting. Royal could make inbeded material or treatment scent control hunting apparel.

hunting in snow banner
Royal, from yarn to the hunting clothes, one of top hunting clothes manufacture and supplier in China and vietnam

Royal could start from yarn to garments.  Royal has its own fabric woven machine and knitting, could make hunting camouflage printing , could make lamination, and we have our own cut and sew garment factories. Just tell us what you want, and royal will do all the rest .

Photoes of hunting apparel factories

  • Royal is the best hunting clothes supplier in china I ever seen.

    Ema from dick's
  • Royal knows everythings about hunting industry.

    Lisa from N/O
  • Royal has an incredible and professional team.

    Jeff from Dragonhunter

Related Product

  • man's snow hunting pant
    Merino snow hunting bib pant
  • Hunting T-shirt
    Men's camouflage printing hunting long sleeve T-shirt
  • Hunting fleece jacket
    Camouflage printing hunting fleece jacket for man
  • woman's hunting jacket
    women's camo hunting jacket
  • men's hunting rainwear pant
    Men's printed camouflage hunting rainwear pants

Questions about hunting apparel

Hunting industry is quiet special market. There maybe a lot of questions from Pattern authority party, printer, fabric vendor,clothing manufacturer

How to get the authority from hunting camouflage pattern owner

You can contact with pattern owner or maybe we can help you to contact as well

What is the MOQ of paper printing with camo pattern

The MOQ is 3000 Yards, but if the quantity is less, we can talk case by case

Who is the best pattern supplier

Normally Realtree and Mossyoak are most popular pattern owner.

Who will pay the cost of Authority of camo pattern

Both brands and Royal could pay for that.

What kind of hunting gears and apparel royal could supply

Royal could make all kind of hunting clothes and accessories

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