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Outdoor industrial use many insulation for the outerwear or functional jacket.  There are so many brands for the insulation and customer do not know how to choose. Recently, I have get some professional advice from CEO of Royal which is a top outdoor outerwear and jackets manufacturer and have factories both in China and Vietnam. The details is as follows:


  • Brand Company: PrimaLoft Inc.
  • Product features: PrimaLoft fill is lightweight, warm, quick-drying, and breathable. It retains its insulation properties even in wet conditions and keeps the body dry.
  • Selling point: PrimaLoft fill is highly popular in the outdoor industry and widely used in clothing, sleeping bags, gloves, and shoes, providing consumers with comfortable warmth.


  • Brand Company: Thermolite (a brand under Invista)
  • Product features: Thermolite is a lightweight, warm material that offers fast-drying and breathability. It provides excellent insulation and guides moisture away from the skin to keep the body dry and comfortable.
  • Selling point: Thermolite is widely used in clothing, socks, hats, and pajamas. Its selling point lies in its high-performance insulation and quick-drying properties, making it ideal for outdoor activities and cold climates.


  • Brand Company: 3M
  • Product features: Thinsulate is a lightweight, thin insulation material with excellent insulation and breathability. It provides higher warmth while reducing bulkiness.
  • Selling point: Thinsulate is extensively used in clothing, shoes, and gloves. Its selling point is its superb insulation with lightweight and comfortable wear.


  • Brand Company: Thermo
  • Product features: Thermo is a warm material with lightweight, warmth, and breathability.
  • Selling point:  Generally, Thermo is widely used in outdoor sports products, offering excellent warmth.


  • Brand Company: Outlast Technologies LLC
  • Product features: Outlast is a phase change material with temperature regulation capabilities. It absorbs, stores, and releases heat generated by the body to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Selling point: Outlast is widely used in clothing, bedding, and insoles, with its selling point being long-lasting temperature regulation. It helps to reduce the feeling of overheating or too cold, ensuring users stay comfortably warm.

Wool HD:

  • Brand Company: HD wool
  • Product features: Wool HD is a high-density merino wool insulation that provides excellent warmth and softness.
  • Selling point:  Wool is commonly used in winter clothing and bedding, known for its natural warmth and comfort. Wool also has moisture-wicking properties, absorbing and evaporating moisture to keep the body dry.


  • Brand Company: Polartec LLC
  • Product features: Polartec is a high-performance fabric technology widely used in outdoor clothing, sports equipment, and military gear. Its features include lightweight, warmth, breathability, and quick-drying capabilities. Polartec fabrics have excellent insulation properties, effectively trapping air to keep the body comfortable.
  • Selling point: The brand strength of Polartec lies in its high-performance fabric technology. Its fabrics not only provide exceptional warmth but also offer moisture-wicking, wind resistance, water resistance, and durability. Polartec products are widely used in outdoor activities, hiking, skiing, and more, providing users with a comfortable, functional, and reliable experience.

Hoping you have got the enought info from above, for the OEM or EDM of outdoor outerwear or jackets service, you could talke with royal directly or viste the web:

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