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  • Mens hunting clothes
  • men's hunting clothes back
  • Men's hunting clothes zipper garge
  • Men's hunting jacket cuff
  • Men's hunting jacket inner

Men's hunting clothes RY2023

Item number: RY2023
Outer fabric: 100% Polyester camouflage printing
Lamination: TPU 10000/10000
Inner fabric: Polyester brushed tricot
Size: USA
Zipper: YKK
Width of fabric: 145cm
Pattern: Realtree

Men's hunting jacket with realtree camouflage printing

This men’s hunting clothes is made of three layer waterproof breathable laminated soft shell fabric.

The outer fabric  is paper heat tranasfer hunting camouflage printed polyester tricot brusehd fleece.

The lamination is 10000/10000 waterproof breathable membrane

The inner fabric is one side brusehd one side anti-pilling grid fleece






men's hunting clothes zipper

Features & Benefits

computerized sewing line

Royal bulid a new computerized sewing factoies in middle China to  make woven clothes which can make hunting clothes and down jackets.

hunting apparel sewing

Royal has one factory in Vietnam and more than 1000 workers sewing the men’s hunting clothes for USA and EU market.

seam taping

Royal use the latest seam taping sealing machine to make waterproof and breathable hunting clothes

Royal have made hunting apparel more than 20 years since year 2001. Royal almost have all the know how from fabric knitting, fabric weaving, fabric prinnting to garment cut and sew.

Royal could make size for both USA and EU

We have worked with realtree, mossyoak, krypetk, prym1 and so on very well.

Tricot workshop

Royal use its own tricot wrap knitting machine to make tricot brused polyester fleece, a kind of most popular fabric in hunting industry. This fabric is quiet and easy to make paper transfer hunting camouflage printing.

Tricot warp knitting machine
woven workshop

Woven workshop

Royal has its own woven workshop which as air jet and water jet woven machine to make all kind of woven fabric for men’s hunting clothes

Knitting workshop

Royal uses its own knitting workshop to make polyester anti-pilling polar fleece inner fabric

circular knitting machine
paper printing

Printing worshop

The heat transfer paper prinitng workshop to make hunting camo printing. If the QTY is samll, we can use the samll sample machine to meet customer’s request.

Laminating machine

Royal can laminate TPU, PU, PTFE to make water proof and breathable for all kinds of hunting clothes such as hunting rainwear, hunting wader, hunting jackets, hunting pants, hunting bibs, hunting softshell jacket.

laminating machine

Certifications of our products

Royal always strickly follow the  standard of EU and North America for the all the aspects from fabric woven,tricot , dyeing , printing , laminating, garment cut and sew.

Top Men’s hunting clothes manufacturer and supplier in China and Vietnam

As a vertical men’s hunting clothes manufacturer in China and vietnam, royal has involved in fabric weaving, knitting, tricoting, printing, laminating and garment cut and sew almost all the procedures of hunting clothes industry.  we are also the very few manufacturer who has sewing factory both in China and Vietnam

The question may differ from as follows:

  • Weaving:
  • Knitting
  • Tricoting
  • Printing
  • Laminating
  • cut and sew
What knid of fabrics does royal could make.

Royal could make woven, knittting, tricoting , almost all kinds of fabric.

What kind of printing that royal could make

Royal could make heat transfer paper printing, cool transfer printing, digital printing for all kinds of hunting camouflage or non camo pattern.

What kind material royal could make the printing on

Royal could make the printing on polyester, nylon, cotton, fleece, and merino wool, royal may be the only one could the hunting camouflage printing on merino wool.

If royal could make 3D seamless camouflage prinitng

Yes, royal could make 3D 360 degree seamless hunting camouflage printing on socks or neck gaiter. The material could be polyester or merino.

What standard would Royal follow for cut and sew procedures

We always follow the standard of BSCI or WRAP.

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