Merino wool printed underwears and base layers

Merino wool hunting camo printed base layer

There are several brands that make Merino wool printed underwear and base layers, after interviewing CEO of Royal which is top merino wool base layers and underwear manufacture and have factories both in China and vietnam, he mentioned the brands such as Icebreaker, Smartwool, Minus33, Meriwool, and Woolly Clothing. Here is a brief comparison:

  1. Icebreaker: As one of the leading brands in Merino wool base layers and underwear, Icebreaker focuses on product quality and innovative design. Their products are usually more expensive but of excellent quality, high comfort, and known for their diverse style choices and fashionable appearance.

  2. Smartwool: Smartwool offers high-quality Merino wool bsae layers and underwear with a focus on functional design. Their products have excellent warmth and moisture-wicking properties. Additionally, Smartwool products are durable, making them suitable for outdoor activities and extreme cold environments.

  3. Minus33: Minus33 offers more affordable Merino wool base layers and underwear, but the quality is still good. Their underwear provides good warmth and comfort, suitable for everyday wear and light outdoor activities.

  4. Meriwool: Meriwool is known for its soft and comfortable Merino wool underwear and base layers at a more affordable price. Their products are typically suitable for indoor wear, light activities, and daily wear.

  5. Woolly Clothing: Woolly Clothing offers moderately priced Merino wool underwear and base layers with reliable quality. While their styles may be more simple, they provide good comfort and warmth, suitable for outdoor activities and everyday wear.

Advantages: Merino wool underwear and base layer has excellent insulation, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties, keeping the body dry and comfortable. Additionally, Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, providing excellent odor resistance.

Disadvantages: Merino wool underwear and base layers is relatively expensive and may exceed some consumers’ budgets. Additionally, Merino wool is relatively delicate and prone to pilling and wearing, requiring careful use and cleaning. Royal is good at making all kinds of merino wool apparel and clothing, if you have merino wool OEM and ODM request, you can send mail to


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