Merino wool printing

Merino wool printing is always not so easy. Firstly, merino wool fabric is very expensive, the wastage is big to make screen printing both roller printing and flat printing. Secondly, the merino wool printing need acid dye stuff, only nylon, silk and merino need acid dye stuff. So it is not used so widely comparing with cotton and cotton like fiber which used active dye stuff and polyester which use reactive dye stuff. So seldom supplier would like to make the merino wool prinitng. Thirdly,  the quantity of merino printing per PO is not big, the factory may can not make money if which could not get enough PO.

Fortunately, Royal international industrial co.,Ltd involved in merino wool printing more than 20 years.  For different items royal has its different solution.

Hunting camoufalge merino wool base layer, it is always a hot selling item but a big challenge for printing on merino wool fabric. merino wool camo printed hunting base layer


The good thing is Royal have solved the merino printing on piece fabric by cool transfer printing and digital printing. The cool transfer printing require the PO more than 3000 meters, the quality and price are all quiet good.

merino wool hunting camouflage cool transfer printing machine


But sometimes, the Qty of po is not big or customer only need serval salesman samples, 3000 YDS is huge for them, in this way, Royal could help you make the small batch by digial printing.

digital printing machine


Merino wool hunting camouflage printed socks and merino wool hunting camouflage printed neck gaiter are also very popular.

merino wool camo neck gaitermerino wool camo printed sock

Royal have used a 360 seamless circular printing technology to enusure the sock merino printing is totally seam free and no joint.

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