Merino wool shoes and merino wool sneakers

With the success of allbirds, more an more brands are joining the market of merino wool runner shoes or merino wool sneakers. Merino wool shoes manufacturer is mcuh different to the normal shoes supplier . Merino wool sneaker supplier should  know the merino wool very well and what is the benefits to use merino wool to make a wool shoes? We should talk it with merino’s properties:


Firstly: It is natural and degradable, with the sustainable and eco-friendly idea become more and more popular. Degradation of the material would be a very important selling point.

Secondly: The merino wool has its odor control function. It is a perfect characteristic to make a shows when most of us  always have odor problem to wear a runner shoes.

Thirdly: The merino wool has its natural resilience and elasticity, it is also very important when we make a sneakers.

The last but not the least: The moisture controlling of the merino wool is also very important for a merino wool sneakers

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When we make a merino wool shoes, we normally use a merino wool fabric to cut it into the piece to make shoes upper. So the first version of merino wool shoes is a 360 fabric shoes as follows:

merino wool fabric shoes

Which also can add the water resistant treatment.

merino wool sneakers upper

After 3D fly knit technology become more and more popular, More and more brands will choose the merino wool shoes supplier who have the capability to use 3D fly knit facility to make the merino wool shoes or merino wool snearkers more functional and full of variety. We are make different contruction on different part of  merino wool shoes as a body maping.

Merino wool shoes

How to choose a merino wool shoes or wool sneakers, we will list the six best brands for your reference:

No1. Allbirds runner wool shoes: Allbirds is the first brand who take the merino wool shoes to the public. Allbirds merino wool shoes is with good quality and ecofriendly idea with all parts of the products. All the material including merino wool upper, soles, insoles, even box and hangtags, they are trying to use the eco-friendly material.

No2.Giesswein: Giesswein merino wool shoes is the products of an Austrian company, as a European company, it is has the similar idea to Allbirds, but it also have a lot of merino wool garments.

No3. Baabuk: Baabuk is a Switzerland merino wool shoes company who estabilished already 10 years. They make more merino wool slippers anduse more felt merino fabrics.

No4. Woolloomooloo: Woolloomooloo is an Australian company, they use more 3D fly knit to make their merino wool sneakers. The styles of merino wool bootwear is not too much comparing with allbirds.

No5. Kyrgies: Kyrgies is a USA wool shoes company which mostly use felt wool to make wool slippers and sliders

No6. EMU: EMU is  an Australian company, they make more wool boots and wool slipper




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