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Merino wool 360 knit fabric sneakers
  • merino wool fabric shoes
  • merino wool sneakers black
  • merino wool sneakers gray
  • merino wool sneakers sole
  • merino wool sneakers upper
  • merino wool fabric shoes
  • merino wool sneakers black
  • merino wool sneakers gray
  • merino wool sneakers sole
  • merino wool sneakers upper

Merino wool 360 knitted fabric sneaker

Item number: RY3012
Upper Content:  100% merino wool
Construction: 360 knit
outsole: TPU and rubber
midsole: Pebax
Upper treatment: Water resistant
Micron: 19.5
Size(CM): 36 to 43

Merino wool 360 knitted sneakers

  • Upper of sneaker is made of  merino wool from Australia and new zealand

  • The constuction is 360 knittes fabric
  • Sole is made with Pebax

  • The sneakers upper is with water resistant treatment

  • Insole lining is made of merino wool


merino wool sneakers upper

Features & Benefits

merino wool shoes Upper Embroidery machine

This embroidery machine is special designed to suit for the merino wool sneaker’s upper embrodering.

merino wool shoes upper 3 d fly knit machine

3D fly knit flat kntting machine is super suit for the merino wool sneaker

computerized shoes upper socks machine

Royal’s  computerized shoes upper circular socks knitting machine is perfeact to make the merino wool sneakers

Royal work with meino wool products than 20 years. We know all the details from yarn to finished products. Before we make the merino wool sneakers , we already use merino wool flat knitting machine and circular machine many years. The knitting machine of shoes upper is similar to what we use for sweaters and socks. When some customer who make merino wool item want us be the supplier of merino wool shoes as well. Royal would be the first choice.  On the other hand, royal have the shoes kntting and asembly factory in vietnam as well as in china, so we make the po of merino wool sneakers more flexible.

The size of merino wool sneaker is 35 to 43 normally

Normally, it is 21, 19.5 or 18.5 Micron. For micron of  merino wool sneakers, it not so hign request on fine micron.

Circular knitting work shop of merino wool sneaker upper

We can use normal circular knitting machine to make the upper fabric for the merino wool sneakers

seamless knitting machine
3d Fly knitting machine

3D fly kniting workshop of merino wool shoes upper

Royal buy the merino wool  fiber from Australia and New Zealand, spining in our contracted spinning factory, and we use the 3D flat kntting machine to knit the merino wool sneakers upper in  our own knitting work shop

Merino wool sneaker assembly line

Royal  have the merino wool runner, travel , sport shoes , sneaker assembly  line both in China and vietnam.

Merino wool runner Shoes production line

Certifications of our merino wool products

Royal will follow the standard of EU and USA strictly for the all the precedures from merino wool fiber, dyeing,  knitting , assembly.

Top  merino wool sneaker  supplier and manufacturer in China and Vietnam

As a vertical supplier and manufacturer of merino wool sneakers  in China and vietnam, we are expert on all procedures from merino wool fiber to the finished merino wool sneakers, so if you have any question, please let me know.

The question may differ from as follows:

  • Fiber:
  • Knitting
  • Dyeing
  • Embroidery
  • assembly
How to choose the micron of the merino wool shoes

Normally, it is 19.5, 21 micron.  Also have 100% merino wool or blended with polyester and nylon.

Where dose the merino wool come from

Normally, The meirno wool of royal comes from Australia and New Zealand

How to choose the knitting shoes

We have fabric knitted merino wool sneakers which made by the normal circular knitting machine, we also have 3D fly knitted merino wool sneakers and sock style knitted merino wool sneakers.

How to ensure the embroidery quality of the merino wool sneakers

Royal use special designed embrodery machine to make the merino wool sneakers.

What is assembly standard of the merino wool sneakers

We have BSCI certification and follow it strictly

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