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  • merino wool sweater back
  • women's merino wool sweater neck
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  • women's merino wool sweater 1
  • merino wool sweater back
  • women's merino wool sweater neck
  • women's merino wool sweater hem
  • women's merino wool sweater cuff

Women's merino wool sweater RY2013

Item number: RY2011
Content:  50% merino wool, 50%acrylic
Construction: Flat knit
Weight: 450 gsm
treatment: Anti-abrasion
gauge: 9
Micron: 18.5
Width of fabric(CM): Non

Women's flat knitting meirno wool sweater

This merino wool women’s sweater is made of 50% merino wool and 50% anti-pilling acrylic helps reduce shrinkage and get the best anti-pilling and anti-abrasion

Warm and good fitting, the style is good looking and warm as well

Machine washable, washing max 40°C, normal process, don’t tumble dry, don’t bleach, hung up on line to air dry

Soft and comfort, the content of merino wool and special anit-pilling acrylic is a really good combination to get a good hand feeling





women's merino wool sweater front

Features & Benefits

shima whole garment flat kntting machine

Shima Seiki flat wholegarment knitting machine can knit a completely sweater in one piece and without any sewing. It is 100% seamless without seam, without sewing, without stitches.

Merrow Activeseam

We also can use merrow active seam sewing machine to joint some woven piece with the sweater together. So for royal, woven and knit joint sweater could be a quiet popular thchnoly for outdoor and sport merino wool sweaters.

stoll computerized flat knitting machine

Royal have many Stoll computerized flat knitting machine which only knit merino sweater to ensure the quality.

As Royal are expert on making the merino wool clothes than 20 years, therefore royal has the know how about all area of merino wool. On the other hand, we have many different flat knitting machines from 3 gauge to 18gauge in our workshop. The last but no the least, royal know what is the most import for a outdoor and sport merino wool sweater should be.  If you need more info you could download the PPT aside.

You can send email to ask for size charter for both EU and USA.

The content denpens on what kind of end use for your merino wool sweater as well as price level.

Merino wool spray hank yarn dyeing workshop

This is suit for small quantity and salesman samples. Sometimes, if the quantity of per style per color is not very big, spary hank yarn dyeing is a quiet good solution.

spray hank dyeing workshop
wool spinning

Merino wool yarn spinning workshop

We offer the merino wool and other material and use our partner spinning factory to spin for us. By this way, it is easy for us to meet different request of customer and get a quick response. We can make different cobination such as merino wool wtih polyester, nylon, rayon, acrylic, tencel, bamboo viscose, coolmax, thermolite and so on.

Merino wool cone yarn dyeing workshop

We also have the cone yarn dyeing workshop to make a big po for us. If we got some normal quantity, we could use cone yarn dyeing facility.  The color could consistant even in quiet bit po.

merino wool yarn dyeing workshop
stoll flat knitting machine

Stoll computerized flat knitting workshop

We have different gauge from 3 to 18. The quality and capability is quiet good by this german flat knitting machine. They can make most of the merino wool sweaters.

Shima Seiki whole garment flat knitting workshop

This workshop most make hign end whole garment with no seam, so stitches, no sewing merino wool sweaters. The quality is very good and price is bit higher.

shima whole garment flat knitting machine

Certifications of our products

Royal will follow the strict standard of Both EU and North America, we have some certification as follows:

Top Merino wool sweater manufacturers and suppliers in China

As a professional merino  sweater manufacturer in China, royal have the know how of every area from merino wool fiber to sweaters, so if you have any question, please let me know.


How to choose the micron of a merino wool sweater

It depends on the price and end use for your sweater. Noramlly, a sweater do not need very fine micron, 18.5 or above is good enough.

How to know wool orgin of merino wool sweater

The meirno wool of Royal are mostly from Australia and New Zealand

How to choose the dyeing prodecures of top dye, hank dye, cone dye

For top dye, in the yarn you could make two or three colored fiber, but quantity is big. Hank dye is good for samll po and salesman samples PO. Cone dye is good for big po.

What kind of flat knitting machine does roya have

We have the normal flat knitting machine, stoll computerized flat knitting machine and  Shima Seiki whole garment flat knitting machine

Dose royal could make knit and woven joint sweater

We can make flat knitting and woven joint sweater.

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