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  • men's merino wool T-shirt face
  • Men's merino wool T-shirt back
  • Merino wool T-shirt neck
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  • men's merino wool T-shirt face
  • Men's merino wool T-shirt back
  • Merino wool T-shirt neck
  • Merino wool T-shirt armhole
  • merino wool T-shirt shoulder

Men's merino T-shirt RY2012

Item number: RY2012
Content:  88% merino wool,12% nylon
Construction: Single Jersey
Weight: 150 gsm
treatment: pre-shrink
gauge: 24
Micron: 17.5 or 16.5
Width of fabric(CM): 150

Single jersey Merino wool T-shirt for men

A superfine Merino wool T-shirt is super comfortable in both warm and cold weather.

Soft and good hand feeling to your skin and breathable better than any other fiber.

Core spun nylon inside , and superfine wool  fibres from Australia outside of the yarn make the T-shirt is much durable than normal merino wool T-shirt.

Excellent wicking , good moisture control and  amazing odor free function

The side seam are using four needles six threads flat lock sewing machine from Japan Yamoato



Merino wool T-shirt hem

Features & Benefits

yamato sewing machine

Royal have more than 200 set  yamato 4 needles 6 threads flat lock sewing machine in total, all the seam could be flat and comfort to skin

yamato 3 needles 5 threads sewing machine

We also can use Yamato 3 needles 5 threads sewing machine to make flat seam. We have more than 500 sets this kind of sewing machine as well.

computerized sewing line

Royal have updated the normal sewing lines to hanging pipeline sewing lines. It could make all the procesures of sewing in good order and better quality.

Royal have involved in the  the meino wool apparel industry around 21 years, so we have the know how almost all of the aspect of merino wool clothes. Royal could make make merino base layers, T-shirts, polo shirts, thermo underwears, boxer, socks, balaclava, neck gaiter, buff, gloves, insulated jackets, pants, shirts and so on. The fabric could be top dyed, yarn dyed, spaced dyed, jacquard, dobby knit, flat knitting.  The material could be merino wool blended with recycled nylon, recycling polyester, cordura, coolmax, linen, tencel, modal, bamboo fiber and so on. If you want to know more informations, you  could download the PPT aside.

We have the merino wool apparel size both in EU and USA, You can ask any contact for it.

Normally, we will buy merino wool from Australia or New zealand. ZQ is from new zealand.

Wool spinning workshop

We buy the merino wool directly from Australia or New zealand. We have our good partner who only spining the merino wool yarn for us all around the year. If is easy for royal to supply you 100% merino wool garments in different micron as well as we can offer you a a lot of different combination of merino wool with other contents such as recycled nylon, tencel ,bamboo, viscose, rayon, recycling polyester, cordura, modal, lenzing FR modal, coolmax, themolite and so on.

wool spinning
merino wool top dyeing

Merino top dyeing workshop

Royal could use top dyed workshop to make most of the merino wool clothing, the color fasteness is good and moq may be bit higher than yarn dyed.

Merino wool yarn dyed machine

If your quantity of merino wool T-shirt is not much, we prefer you to use yarn dyed merino wool procedures. It is good for less than 1000 PCS per color or salesman sample.

Certifications of our products

From all the precedures from merino wool fiber, dyeing, knitting or woven , cut and sew, Royal will strictly follow the standard of EU and USA. You could see some of our certifictions as follows:

Top merino clothes Manufacturer in China and vietnam

Royal is a vertical merino  wool garments manufacturer and have factories both in China and vietnam, we have have the know how of  almost all procedures from merino wool to clothing.

The question may differ from as follows:

  • Fiber:
  • Spinning
  • Dyeing
  • knitting
  • cut and sew
How to choose a good merino wool T-shirt with right micron

It is better for you to choose a micron like 17.5 or less like 16.5

How to choose orgin of merino wool

Both the merino wool from Australia and New Zealand would be good choice

How to choose the dyeing procedures for a merino wool T-shirt

Normally if the quantity is big we will use top dyeing, the color fastness would be perfect, if the quantity is not so big, we also use yarn dyeing, or piece dyeing

What kind of sewing machines dose royal have

Royal almost have all kinds of sewing machine from Yamato 4 needles 6 threads sewing machines, 3 needles 5 threads sewing machines, merrow active seam sewing machines and so on.

What certification dose royal have for cut and sew

We have the certification of BSCI , WRAP  and SEDEX

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