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With the high request of the customer for the sustainble and ecofriendly to the environment. Natural dye are becoming more and more polular. After interviewing to CEO of Royal international co.,LTD who is the preofessional natural dye merino wool base layers and T-shirts manufacturers and supplier which has factories both in China and vietnam, we got the info as follows:

The natural dyeing process of Merino wool uses natural plant dyes. The dyes are derived from various plants, including the blue Weld plant, the reddish-brown Madder root, the yellow Mango leaves, and the Yellow Thistle.

The advantages of natural dyeing of Merino wool include:

  1. Environmental-friendly: The use of natural plant dyes avoids harmful chemicals, making it an eco-friendly option.
  2. Health benefits: Natural dyes do not cause skin irritation or allergies, making them suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  3. Color variety: Different plant dyes allow for a wide range of color options, offering greater flexibility in choice.
  4. Lightfastness: Natural dyes possess some level of resistance against UV rays, ensuring longer-lasting colors.

The disadvantages of natural dyeing of Merino wool include:

  1. Color instability: Due to the limited quality and stability of natural plant dyes, the colors may fade over time and with frequent washing.
  2. Higher production cost: Compared to chemical dyeing, natural dyeing requires more time and labor in the extraction and processing of plant dyes, resulting in higher production costs.

The selling point of naturally dyed Merino wool lies primarily in its eco-friendly and health-conscious properties. For consumers who embrace a natural and sustainable lifestyle, naturally dyed Merino wool aligns with their demand for environmentally-friendly and green products. Additionally, the unique colors achieved through natural dyes offer more creative and personalized options in the design and fashion industry.

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Here are some examples of brands that use naturally dyed Merino wool in their clothing:

  1. Patagonia: Patagonia is an outdoor clothing brand with a focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness. They use naturally dyed Merino wool to manufacture their products.

  2. Eileen Fisher: Eileen Fisher is a brand that specializes in sustainable fashion. They use naturally dyed Merino wool to create clothing, providing a healthy and eco-friendly option.

  3. Nau: Nau is an outdoor brand that prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility. They use naturally dyed Merino wool in their clothing production to minimize their impact on the environment.

  4. Ibex: Ibex is a brand that produces high-quality Merino wool garments. They use natural dyeing techniques to create unique color effects.

  5. Outerknown: Outerknown is a brand committed to producing environmentally-friendly products. They use naturally dyed Merino wool to manufacture clothing, ensuring sustainability and respect for the environment.

  6. Amour Vert: Amour Vert is a sustainable fashion brand that utilizes natural dyes, including for Merino wool garments, to create eco-friendly and stylish clothing options.

  7. Toad&Co: Toad&Co is a brand known for its commitment to sustainability. They use naturally dyed Merino wool in their clothing line to offer ethically produced and environmentally friendly garments.

  8. Indigenous: Indigenous is a fair trade fashion brand that emphasizes natural and organic materials in their clothing. They use natural dyes, including for Merino wool, to create their eco-conscious apparel.

  9. Nagnata: Nagnata is a brand that combines fashion with functionality and sustainability. They use natural dyes and innovative knitting techniques to create stylish and environmentally friendly Merino wool activewear.

These brands all prioritize sustainability and environmental friendliness by using naturally dyed Merino wool to provide a healthy and eco-friendly choice. Please note that these are just examples and there may be other brands in the market using naturally dyed Merino wool for clothing production.

If you need to make natural dye merino wool apparel, please send email to royal:

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