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Your best vertical outdoor clothing manufacturers and suppliers in China and Vietnam

Since 2001, Royal start to make all kinds of outdoor clothing suchas seam taped waterproof breathable rain jacket, outdoor goose down jacket, windblocker softshell jacket, rain pant, fleece jacket, wicking and antimicrobial base layers and so on.

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  • dwon jacket factory door
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  • down jacket hanging pipline
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  • down jacket inspection

One stop solution of outdoor clothing

Why Royal could be your most professional vertical outdoor clothing supplier and manufacturer in China and vietnam

  • Royal already made outdoor clothing more than 20 years since 2001
  • We participate in  all procedures of fabric weaving, knitting, tricoting, dyeing, printing
  • Royal could make breathable and waterproof laminating with TPU, PU and PTFE
  • We could make anti-microbial and odor free treatment as well as wicking treatment.
  • Royal have  cut and sew outdoor clothing both in China and Vietnam, two in China and one in Vietnam, there  are more than 1000 workers in total.
  • We have seam taped sealing machine and lazer cutting machine both in China and vietnam’s factories

How to make a really good waterproof breathable outdoor rain jacket.

Outdoor rain jacket is the most important outdoor gear among all the outdoor clothing, royal will control all the details as follows:

1. The function of water resistant and waterproof function of the fabric will decide if you will get wet or not in the rain, the breathability will decide you comfortable or not when you wear for a long time. So royal will carefully check all the technics before cut and sew.

2. Waterproof zipper would play a important role for a good rain jacket, so royal only choose YKK waterproof zipper.

3. Royal have its lazer cutting machine, it is quiet good for the clean sealvage of the fabric piece.

4. Royal always double check the seam tape  and the fabric to see if them are perfectly match.

5.Royal use the latest seam tape sealing machine to make the seam flat and neat.


As a top outdoor clothing supplier and manufacturer in China and vietnam. Royal could make all kind of woven clothing as well as knitted clothing.

Royal are proceducing all kind of outdoor clothing with different types. For the woven series, we could make outer seam taped jacket, outdoor goose down jackets, insulated jackets, outdoor  shirts, pants and so on.

Seam taped rain jacket for men

Made of 3 layer seam water resistant ,waterproof and breathable 10000/10000 fabric. All seam taped 100% waterproof outdoor rain jacket

Men's goose down jacket with hoody

Made of 100% nylon 20D rip-stop taffeta W/R, insulated with 90/10 800 filling power goose down, super light weight outdoor goose down jacket

3 in 1 mens seam taped rain jacket

The shell is made of  100% w/r  w/p and breathable fabric, inner is a zippered on fleece jacket. You can easily take off the fleece jacket to get a light weight rain jacket.

fleece jacket for women
Fleece jacket for women

A super light weight and warm fleece jacket. The fleece fabric is made of  a micro hollow polyester yarn to get the super warm function.

sun protection hoddie shirt for women
Sun protection outdoor light jacket

This is a 100% Nylon super light weight jacket, the UPF is more than 50, really breathable

Outdoor shirt for men
Outdoor shirt for men

This men’s outdoor shirt is made of nylon polyester yarn dyed fabric which has the sun protecting and wicking function.

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Royal also could make all kinds of outdoor knitted clothing

As royal has 6 thread 4 needles from Yamato and active seam sewing machine from merrow, so we not only good at make woven outdoor clothing, but also could make knitted outdoor clothing such as merino wool mid layer, base layer, nylon spandex base layers, boxer short pants and so on.

  • Outdoor base layer for men
    Outdoor base layer

    This is a nylon spandex base layer. The nylon has the function of  wicking, oder free and anti microbial.

  • Merino wool mid layer
    Merino wool mid layer for men

    This is a 100% merino wool mid layer with chest pocket and a half chest zipper.

  • Outdoor T-shirt
    Outdoor T-shirt for men

    This outdoor t-shirt is made of nylon bamboo charcoal polyester spandex knitted fabric which has the function of wicking and odor free.

  • Outdoor base layer
    Women's base layer

    This women’s base layer is made of wicking polyester fabric.

  • Outdoor T-shirt for bicycle
    Men's bicycle T-shirt

    This bicycle T-shirt made of wicking and odor free polyester spandex fabric, with ruber printing all over the T-shirt.

  • Outdoor boxer short pant
    Men's outdoor boxer pant

    The boxer pant for men is made of anti-microbial odor free and wicking polyester rayon fabric.

Royal could make woven knitted joint sewing outdoor clothing

As royal could make woven outdoor clothing as well as knitted woven clothing, so it is easy for us to make a series woven and knit joint garments


  • Woven knitted joint jacket for men
    Woven knitted joint jacket for women

    This outdoor clothing is made of woven padding insulation joint with fleece to get a warm and strechable jacket.

  • woven knitted joint light weight long shirt
    Women's woven knitted joint long sleeve shirt

    This item is made woven body and nylon spandex knitted fabric made sleeve and side panel to get a stretch outdoor jacket.

  • Woven knitted joint hoodie jacket
    Men's woven and knitted joint jacket

    The main part is woven with merino wool insulation padding with the underarmor spandex fabric to a easy move sleeve outdoor jacket.

The certification of down jacket we have

RDS certification of royal

Both goose down and duck down has RDS certification

BSCI certification of royal

Our cut and sew factory has BSCI certification

Oeko-tex certification of royal

Our dyeing, printing and triming supplier

Bluesign certification of royal

Our dyeing, pritning and triming supplier

Down certification of RDS

Royal have the both the RDS of goose down and duck down. The purpose of Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is to eaducate more and more end user to know what they are buying to encourage the down industry treat the duck and goose nicely.


RDS certification
water resistant

Water repellent down

Royal have use the eco friendly and sustainable treating agent for all their water resistant fabrics. Now royal are transfering all the treating agent from C6 to C0.

Breathable and waterproof

Waterproof and breathability is always hard to be perfect for both.  Royal try to use the best PU, TPU, PTFE membrane to get a balance on the function and cost.

Anti microbial

Antimicrobial and odor free

Royal always try to use the ecofriendly and sustainable way to get the function of anit-microbial, sometimes natural function is the best.

Some special machines in Royal's Outdoor clothing factories

hunting fabric quality checking
lazer cutting

Seam taped outdoor clothing such as rain jacket has very high request on the waterproof and breathability, so all the fabric we need to test before cut ans sew. Our lazer cutting machine, not only let the pock and selvage really neat and beautiful, but also help the seam taping easier

Tape sealing machine and pipline hanging tag sewing line

tape sealing machine
Our seam tape sealing machine

Royal always use the latest seam tape sealing machine to make the outdoor clothing with flat and neat seams.

computerized piping hanging sewing line
Pipline hanging sewing line

Our pipline hanging sewing line could ensure the quality and efficency of our outdoor clothing.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of outdoor clothing, Royal is good at making all kinds of outdoor clothing for different outdoor sports

snow hiking down jacket
Outdoor clothing for hiking

Hiking, both snow mountain hiking and normal hill hiking, a breathable and waterproof rain jacket would  be a must.  Especially high breathability outdoor rain jacket which is laminated with 10000 m2/24hour PU or PTFE membrane is perfect choice.


skiing down jacket
Outdoor base layer for skiing

Skiing sport will generate a lot of sweat, when we stop and we will feel really cold. So the outdoor base layer which is made of wicking nylon would easy to wicking the sweat out and keep you still comfort and warm.

hunting goose down jackets
Odor free outdoor t-shirt

When we go hunting, some animals have a really sharp nose to find the hunter by the odor and run away. So our outdoor T-shirt which made of nylon and bamboo charcoal is a perfect gear for the hunter to be odor free.

Merino wool base layers for cycling
T-shirt for cycling

Our outdoor T-shirt of bicycle is quiet good for cycling sport. The perfect hand feeling and wicking function would help you a lot during the sport.

down jacket panel 2
Royal, A professional supplier and manufacturer involved all the procedures from yarn to the outdoor clothing

Royal could start from yarn to the outdoor clothing.  We have our own knitting workshop,  woven workshop to make the outdoor fabrics. Royal also could laminate the  membrane  of PU, TPU, PTFE to get a waterproof and breathable function. Royal have both woven and knit sewing factories in China and vietnam.

Pictures of Down jackets factories

  • Royal is the best Outdoor clothing Manufacturer and supplier in china and vietnam I ever seen.

    Andrea from Dick's
  • Royal know all the aspects about outdoor clothing industry.

    Lee from Sportsman warehosue
  • Royal has a amazing team.

    Marina from Yeti

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  • running down jacket for man
    Men's running and cycling down jacket with knit sleeve
  • 3 in one outdoor jacket
    Men's 3 in 1 outdoor winter jacket
  • Seam taped outdoor clothing for women
    Women's 3 layer rain jacket
  • Printed sun protection shirt for women
    Super light sun protection long jacket
  • men's woven baffles down jacket (1)
    Men's woven baffles down jacket

Questions about outdoor clothing

Outdoor clothing is quiet professional area comparing with other clothing. The function for a outdoor clothing is very important. The Royal carefully choose the right materials and fabric for the clothes. The wormanships of the clothing  need to be very good, the fabric need to be cutted very neat, sewing stitch should be clean and durable.

How to choose a membrane for our outdoor clothing

The membrane of the outdoor apparel normally has three choice, TPU, PU, PTFE. PTFE is the most expensive and good function is good for snow moutain hiking. PU, is at the mid level, TPU is at the good price.

How about the breathability and waterproof rates

Normally, better waterproof mean worse breathability. So we need to get a balance. For normal sport, 4000 to 5000 breathability is good enough. The waterproof 3000 to 5000 is also good enough.

Wicking polyester or wicking nylon, how to choose

Wicking polyester is more popular and good price, but hand feeling is not so good. Wicking nylon is expensive but with good hand feeling.

What is the difference between odor and antimicrobial function

Odor free is normally use charcoal absorb the odor, antimicrobial is to get rid of bacterias.

How to make a outdoor goose down jacket with water resistant function.

Firstly, royal will use water resistant fabric . Secondly,  we will use water resistant goose down.  This down jacket would be perfect for outdoor sports.

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