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  • women's waterproof outdoor jacket back
  • women's outdoor waterproof jacket zipper
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  • women's outdoor waterproof jacket face
  • women's waterproof outdoor jacket back
  • women's outdoor waterproof jacket zipper
  • women's outdoor waterproof jacket hoodie
  • women's outdoor waterproof jacket pocket
  • women's outdoor waterproof jacket hem

Women's outdoor waterproof rain jacket RY2025

Item number: RY2025
Outer layer: 100% recycled nylon
lamination: PTFE 12000/10000
Inner: 100% nylon 10D wrap knitted tricot mesh
Size: EU
Zipper: YKK waterproof zipper
Construction of fabric: waterproof and breathable 3 layer fabric with PTFE lamination
Width: 140CM

Women's outdoor breathable and waterproof 3 layer all seam sealed rain jacket

This 3 layer outdoor rain jacket laminated with PTFE membrane.

The W/R water resistant function is super .

The outer fabric is made of 100% recycle nylon

The lamination is PTFE 12000m/10000m2/24 waterproof/breathable membrane

The inner fabric is 10D tricot wrap knitted fabric.

All the pocket a cutted by lazer cutting machine and all the zipper are YKK waterproof zipper.

The seam of the women’s waterproof jacket are all hot air seam sealed to ensure 100% waterproof function.





women's outdoor waterproof jacket

Features & Benefits

computerized sewing line

All the women’s waterproof rain jacket are made on our computerized pipline hanging sewing workshop either in China and vietnam.

tape sealing machine

All the women’s breathable and waterproof 3 layer rain jacket are made by our latest seam tape hot sealing machines.

Fabric checking

Before the cut and sew, all the fabrics which made for women’s breathable and waterproof rain jacket would be inspect on our fabric inspecting machine both in our Chinese factory and vietnamese factories.

Royal have involved in waterproof and breathable rain jackets made with hot air seam sealing machine for more than 20 years since 2001. And in year of 2018, we estabilished our sewing capability in Vietnam. Now, royal could make all kind of outdoor garments which need hot air seam sealing machines such as hunting, skiing, cycling, fishing, ice fishing, hiking, trekking apparels and so on.

Bothsize of  USA and EU are vailable

We could laminate with membrane of  PU,TPU, PTFE

Workshop of hot-melt adhesive laminating machine

Royal’s hot-melt adhesive laminating machine is much expensive than glue laminating machine. Our hot -melt adhesive only have small spot on the surface comparing with the full covered glue adhesive, the breathability is mcuh better. Secondly it is much more durable by wash comparing glue adhesive thechnology.

laminating machine
woven workshop

Shuttleless woven machine

Royal has both air jet and water jet woven machine for the fabrics of  women’s 3 layer waterproof and breathable rain jackets. Now we use more and more recycled polyester and nylon materials.

Testing lab

Royal will test all the technics of the fabric  such as the functions of water resistance, water breathability, waterproof rate. Till all these rates are confirmed OK,  the production will start.

hunting fabric quality checking

Certifications of our products

Royal always strickly follow  EU and USA’s standard for the all the procedures from fabric woven, dyeing and printing , laminating, garment cut and sew.

Top Outdoor waterproof  jacket supplier and manufacturer in China and vietnam

Royal is a vertical hot air seam sealing, waterproof and breathable outdoor jacket manufacturer in China and vietnam, Royal has the fabric workshop in china and has both cut and sew garment factories both in China and  in Vietnam.

The question may differ from as follows:

  • Woven machine:
  • Lamination
  • The difference between C0 and C6
  • Recycled nylon and polyester
  • cut and sew
What kind of recycled material that royal are using?

Royal use both recycled nylon and recycled polyester for our outdoor waterproof jacket, GRS( global recycled standard) is the most popular standard.

If royal have own woven workshops

Royal has our own woven workshop to make the nylon or polyester for our outdoor apparel and down jackets.

What is the difference of the water resistant treatment of c0 and c6

Both c0 and c6 are water resistant treatment. The c0 is more  sustainable and ecofriendly than c6

What is the advanatage of hot-melt adhesive thechology comparing glue adhesive

Firstly, hot-melt adhesive machine is ten times more expensive than the glue adhesive machine. Royal like to take the expensive one to get better functions for our customer. The hot-met adhesive machine could make the small spot link comparing the gluve all face cover to get a better breathability. Thirdly, the membrane and fabric which made by hot -melt adhesive machine will not be divided by washing,

What standard would Royal follow for cut and sew workshop

Both the factories in China and Vietnam  always follow the standard of BSCI

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