Producing procedures

Your best choice of merino wool clothing made in China

One stop solution supplier of merino wool clothing

Royal is a vertical supplier from fiber to garments. We have both factory in China and Vietnam. Tell your request of outdoor garments and we can do all the rest for you.

The precedures of merino wool production

We can see all the precedures of merino wool clothing from wool fiber to the garments.

wool from AU
Get the wool from ranch

We get the merino wool directly from pasture of Australia and New Zealand

wool package
We store the wool in package

Royal store the merino wool in our own warehouse

yarn spinning
Wool Spinning

We will use our contract spinning factory to spin the yarn for us.

yarn dyeing
Yarn Dyeing

Some is yarn dyeing, most of is top dyed before spinning

Jacquard machine
Knitting in our own workshop

We have our own knitting workshop to make different fabrics

Cut and sew

We make all the cut and sew in our own factories

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PP factory
The cut and sew both in China and Vietnam

Royal have the garment manufactory both in China and Vietnam. It is flexible for Royal to help our customer to arrange the production according to the cost, quantity and tariff saving.

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