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More and more brands would request their garment supplier have certifications  such as RDS,GRS, blue sign, Oeko-tex. Royal as a top down and down clothing manufacturer in both china and vietnam, who has all the certifications as follows and you show you one by one.

There are several certifications for down products, including:

  1. Responsible Down Standard (RDS): RDS is an internationally recognized certification standard aimed at ensuring the responsible sourcing of down, free from live-plucking and force-feeding. The certification requires traceability of the down source, assurance of animal welfare, quality assurance of the down, and supply chain auditing.

  2. Global Recycled Standard (GRS): GRS is a global certification standard for recycled and reused textiles, applicable to down products containing recycled materials. GRS certification requires traceability of the raw materials, compliance with recycled content requirements, and reducing environmental pollution and resource wastage.

  3. Bluesign certification: Bluesign is a systemic certification standard for environmental and health management in the textile industry, ensuring the use of chemicals and materials in the textile supply chain are in accordance with environmental, consumer, and worker health and safety requirements. Some down products may hold Bluesign certification.

  4. Oeko-Tex 100 certification: Oeko-Tex 100 is a global standard for textiles, aimed at ensuring that textiles are free from harmful substances and safe for human health. Some down products may be Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

These certification standards help consumers understand the quality, sustainability, and level of concern for the environment and animal welfare of down products. When purchasing down products, one can check the product information or inquire whether the brand holds relevant certifications. If you need more info about OEM or ODM service, you can contact Royal who could give you best advice or service.

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