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Royal have the cetificate of RWS merino wool garment factory from wool fiber, yarn spinning, fabric knitting to garment cut and sew. Why RWS is so important in the merino wool apparel industry. Let start from What is RWS merino wool certifate:

The RWS wool certification refers to the Responsible Wool Standard, which is used to verify whether wool products meet the requirements for environmental responsibility, animal welfare, and overall accountability.

The RWS certification has the following characteristics:

• Animal welfare protection: The RWS certification ensures that woolly animals receive proper treatment throughout the production process, including feeding, housing, and shearing.
• Environmental friendliness: RWS certification requires the reduction of adverse environmental impacts during the production process, including the use of organic pesticides and protection of local ecosystems.
• Traceability: RWS certification demands that products trace the source of their wool and ensure that all production processes meet the standard.
• Independent certification: RWS certification is independently monitored by third-party organizations to ensure reliable product quality.

The increasing customer demand for factories to have RWS certification is due to their concern for animal welfare, environmental protection, and product quality and traceability. RWS certification can provide customers with a more reliable guarantee, allowing them to purchase more responsible and high-quality wool products. Therefore, having RWS certification can give factories a competitive advantage and meet market demands.

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Why merino wool garment manufacturer also need the RWS certificates:

Clothing factories also need RWS certification because many clothing manufacturers use wool as a raw material to produce garments and other textile products. Through RWS certification, clothing factories can ensure that the wool they use meets the standards for environmental responsibility, animal welfare, and sustainability. This helps to enhance the sustainability and credibility of their products, meeting the growing consumer demand for environmentally-friendly and ethically-produced goods. Additionally, clothing brands prefer to work with certified suppliers to enhance the competitiveness of their products and meet market demands. Therefore, clothing factories also need RWS certification to demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility, animal welfare, and product quality.

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