Seamless merino wool underwear’s features

Production of seamless wool functional underwear by Santoni seamless knitting equipment poses certain difficulties. Some of the challenges include:

  1. Material selection: In order to ensure the functionality of the underwear, appropriate wool materials need to be selected to provide features like warmth and moisture-wicking.

  2. Design and craftsmanship: The complex production process of seamless equipment requires technical expertise and experience to design and manufacture seamless underwear that fits the contours of the human body.

  3. Size and adaptability: Seamless underwear needs to cater to the demands of consumers with different sizes and body shapes, requiring a customized production process.

Santoni seamless kntting machine (2)

Compared to regular sports underwear, seamless wool functional underwear has the following advantages and disadvantages:


  1. Seamless design: The seamless manufacturing technology provides a greater level of comfort, reduces wear and irritation to the skin, and offers a better fit.

  2. Warmth and moisture-wicking functionality: Wool material possesses excellent thermal properties and moisture-wicking capabilities, making it suitable for cold weather or high-intensity sports.

  3. Elasticity and shape retention: Seamless knitting technology provides good elasticity, maintaining the tight fit and preventing slipping.

Women's Merino wool seamless base layer top purple


  1. Higher cost: The cost of seamless knitting equipment and wool materials is relatively high, resulting in a higher price for seamless wool functional underwear.

Selling points:

  1. Comfort: Underwear produced by seamless knitting equipment offers a better fit and comfort compared to regular underwear, providing a superior wearing experience.

  2. Functionality: The warmth and moisture-wicking properties of wool materials make the underwear suitable for outdoor sports and winter use.

  3. Elasticity and shape retention: Seamless underwear provides superior elasticity and anti-slip properties, ensuring a close fit to the body and maintaining its shape for a longer duration.

  4. Durability: Due to the use of high-quality wool materials and seamless design, this type of underwear generally has a longer lifespan.

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