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It have been a trend that more and more outdoor or sport grear brands are using water resistant goose down to make their down jackets or vests. In the main market of WR goose down jacket, there are 3 major water resistant treating agent are widely using: PFC-Free WR agent, C6 WR agent, and C0 WR agent. Customers would be hard to find the difference of these three WR treating agent, we have talked with CEO of Royal who is the professional water resistant duck and goose down jackets manufacturer.

The differences and similarities among these three types of down waterproof treatments are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Composition: PFC-Free WR, C6 WR, and C0 WR are different types of waterproof treatments with different compositions.

  • PFC-Free WR: Does not contain perfluorocarbons and uses more environmentally friendly alternative ingredients.
  • C6 WR: Contains C6 fluorocarbon polymers, which are more environmentally friendly compared to C8 (PFC), but still have certain environmental safety concerns.
  • C0 WR: Does not contain fluorocarbons and is a more environmentally friendly waterproof treatment that has emerged in recent years.

Functionality: These three types of duck down or goose dwon waterproof treatments have some differences in functionality.

  • PFC-Free WR and C6 WR have relatively good waterproof performance, effectively blocking water penetration and preventing down materials from getting wet.
  • C0 WR has slightly weaker waterproof performance compared to the other two, but still provides some waterproof effect under light water droplet contact.

Environmental friendliness: These three waterproof treatments also differ in terms of environmental friendliness.

  • PFC-Free WR is relatively environmentally friendly, replacing potentially harmful fluorocarbons to the environment and human health with alternative ingredients.
  • C6 WR may cause a certain degree of pollution to the environment over a relatively long period of use, but it has better environmental friendliness compared to PFC-Free WR.
  • C0 WR is developed based on a higher pursuit of environmental friendliness, using technology that does not contain fluorocarbons, and is one of the most environmentally friendly waterproof treatments currently available.

In conclusion, PFC-Free WR, C6 WR, and C0 WR have differences and similarities in composition, functionality, and environmental friendliness. Consumers can choose the appropriate product based on their own needs and concern for environmental friendliness.

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Here are some common brands that use PFC-Free W/R, C6 WR, or C0 WR agents for their goose down jackets or vests:

  • PFC-Free W/R: Brands such as Patagonia, The North Face, Columbia, Marmot, Arc’teryx, etc., utilize PFC-Free W/R technology in their goose down jackets or vests.
  • C6 WR: Outdoor brands like Jack Wolfskin, Fjällräven, Northland, Salewa, etc., widely incorporate C6 WR agents.
  • C0 WR: Eco-friendly brands like Vaude, EcoVero, etc., employ C0 WR agents.

Please note that different brands may have variations in the choice of agents during product development and manufacturing. The mentioned brands are just some common examples. When making a purchase, it is advisable to refer to the product description or contact the brand directly to ensure that the chosen product uses the specific agent mentioned.

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