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  • women's down jacket
  • women's down jacket back
  • women's down jacket solid back
  • women's down jacket cuff
  • womens down jacket bag

Women's down jacket RY2020

Item number: RY2020
Outer fabric: 100% Nylon 20D rib-stop printing or solid
Inner fabric: 100% Nylon 20D solid
Insulation: Goose down
Size: USA
Zipper: YKK
Construction of fabric: 20D 420T
Filling power: 800 FP

Women's goose down jacket

This women’s goose down jacket is made of 100% nylon 20 D fabric, the fabric could be printed and solid

The printing fabric is used acid dyestuff, also has the function of water resistant

Inner insulated with goose down 90/10 of 800 filling power

The goose down certified by RDS





womens down jacket solid

Features & Benefits

computerized sewing line

The computerized pipeline hanging sewing lines are popular used to make sure the quality and efficiency of womens down jacket .

Auto pattern sewing machine

Royal have more than a lot of auto pattern sewing machines to ensure the capbility of the women’s down jacket

down filling workshop

The independent down filling workshop to keep the clean and ensure effeciency

Royal involved in down industry full chain more than 20 years. Royal is a vertical manufacturer and supplier for women’s down jackets for all the precedures from down sourcing, down washing, down proof fabric woven, till to the cutting and sewing of  garment.

We havethe size of  know how both for USA and EU

Royal have got the certification of RDS for both goose down and duck down since year 2019.

Down washing and treating workshop

Royal use its own washing and treating workshop to make both duck down and goose down.

down washing machine
down proof fabric woven workshop

Downproof fabric woven workshop

Some times, royal will use some improted down proof fabrics, but most of time we will use our own woven machine to make down proof fabric.

Seam sealed taping lines

The seam sealed taping machine are popular used for seam taping down jacket and water proof and breathable womens down jacket.

tape sealing machine

Certifications of our products

Royal always strickly follow RDS and BSCI for during the making of women’s goose down jacket

Top women’s down jacket supplier in China and vietnam

As a vertical Women’s down jacket manufacturer in China and vietnam, royal are also the very few vertical manufacturer who can start from down, fabric to garment making

The question may differ from as follows:

  • Down origin
  • The difference of duck down and goose down
  • Downproof fabric weaving
  • Testing
  • Garment making
Where dose the down origin from

The goose down is from EU, North America, and duck down is from China

What kind of RDS certification does royal have

Royal have got the RDS certification of goose down as well as duck down.

What is difference between the goose down and duck down

The goose down is more expensive, cleaner, odor free comparing duck down.

How to test he down proof of the fabric.

Royal will send to IDFL to test the character of downproof

What standard would Royal follow for garment making

Normally Royal will follow BSCI for garment making, sometimes wrap is also available.

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