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  • Women's hunting clothes front
  • Womens hunting clothes back
  • women's hunting clothes neck
  • women's hunting clothes cuff
  • Women's hunting clothes hem side

Women's hunting clothes RY2022

Item number: RY2022
Outer: 100% Polyester printed
Inner: 100% bamboo rayon
Pattern : Mossyoak
Size: USA
Treatment: Wicking and anti-microbial
Construction of fabric: Two layer knitted fabric
Width: 150CM

Women's hunting clothes with Mossyoak camouflage printing

This women’s hunting T-shirt is made of two layer kntting fabric

The face of the fabric is with Mossyoak hunting camouflage paper heat tranasfer printing

The inner side of fabric is 100% bamboo rayon.

The women’s hunting T-shirt is with the wicking ,odor free and antimicrobial function





women's hunting clothes hem

Features & Benefits

yamato sewing machine

Royal use the Yamato 4 needles 6 threads flat lock sewing machine to ensure all the seams are durable and flat.

Merrow activeseam machine

Royal also could use merrow active seam sewing machines to make the seam to be stretch and flat,

abric inspecting machine

All the hunting camouflage printed fabric would be inspected carefully before cut and sew.

With 20 years experience of making all kinds of women’s hunting clothes, Royal have deeply participate in all the area of hunting apparel industry from fabric weaving, printing, coating, laminating, treatment, garment cut and sew.

Royal could make both the size of USA and EU

We have good relationship with pattern supplier such as  realtree, mossyoak, krypetk, prym1 and so on.

Heat transfer paper printing machine

For the hunting clothes industry, printing especially heat transfer paper printing is very important procedures. More than 70% hunting garments are made by paper printing.

paper printing
circular knitting machine

Woven workshop

Royal has its own workshop to make knitted fabric for the women’s hunting clothes such as single jersey, dobby, rib, jacquard, birdeye, waffle, interlock and so on.

Seam taping machine

We have computerized pipline tag hanging sewing line to ensure the quality and efficiency. The output of one line could be 30% more than normal sewing line.

Yamato sewing line

Certifications of our products

Royal always strickly follow the  standard of EU and North America for the all the procedures from fabric knitting, dyeing and printing , garment cut and sew.

Top Women’s hunting clothes manufacturers and supplier in China and vietnam

Royal is a vertical  hunting clothes manufacturer who has factoties both in China and vietnam, we are also the very few manufacturer who invloved in fabric knitting, woven, printing, lamination, coating, garment cut and sew, almost all the procedures of the hunting clothes industry.

The question may differ from as follows:

  • Knitting
  • Printing
  • Treatment
  • Small PO
  • cut and sew
What kind of fabric dose royal could knit

Royal could knit different material such as polyester, nylon, spandex, cotton, modal, merino wool, tencel, royan, viscose, silk and so on. The construction of the fabric could be single jersey, bib, interlock, waffle, jacquard, dobby knit, strip, birdeye, mesh an so on.

What kinds of printing royal could make for hunting camouflage pattern

We use heat transfer paper prinitng for polyester fabric,  wet printing for cotton or fleece fabric, cool transfer printing for merino wool fabrics. All those technology could used for hunting camouflage pattern such as realtree, mossyoak, kryptek and so on.

What kind of treatment royal could make

Royal could make wicking, antimicrobial, UPF , fire retardant treatment.

What about the small po of camouflage printing for women's hunting clothes

We have digital sampe printing machine to make some po or salesman samples po for women;s hunting clothes

What standard would Royal follow for garment cut and sew making

Royal has the  standard of BSCI and we always strictly follow it.

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